Art Paper For Inkjet

The Snap Paper™ range of art papers suitable for use in Inkjet printers are of professional grade high quality resulting in artistic prints each and every time.

The Rag Photo Art paper is a luxurious looking heavy matt paper, which is used to produce amazing photo-artistic prints such as wedding photographs, black and white photos and all in all, gives every photo that special look that is impossible to achieve using normal photo paper. This paper is acid free 100% rag (cotton) which ensure longevity so it won’t turn yellow through time.

The White Etching paper is a lightly textured acid free true art paper coated in inkjet coating for amazing art reproduction look. On top, it can be used for photo printing and gives the print that extra artistic look. Excellent for aquarelle art reproduction or any other artwork.

The inkjet Art Canvas is a true art canvas with an inkjet coating to allow direct print of photos and artwork using your home inkjet printer. It is outstanding for home artistic displays or reproducing artwork for the artists’ amongst you.